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Advice for fitting attic stairs

If you have an attic but need to use a ladder to reach the space, consider adding stairs to make the room more easily accessible and gain valuable new storage or living space. A loft or attic room will add value to your property and allows the family to have more room.

Pull down stairs

Pull down stairs are the cheapest option to gain access to your attic. They are fixed to the inside of the attic floor and work on a fan like leverage. You will need a long hooked pole to reach them and pull them down. When you have finished in the attic the stairs fold back up. The main disadvantage is that you cannot use the attic as living space without a permanent staircase. This type of stair is also not suitable for children to use as there will be a hole in the attic floor where the stairs drops.

Spiral stairs

Spiral staircases are a great option as they take up less room than a traditional staircase and make an interesting feature. The stairs design can be part of the room where the stairs are located, perhaps making a combined bedroom and living space for a teenager.

Wooden stairs

Wooden stairs with a wood handrail will make it appear that the loft room is an integral part of the house. Choose this option if you are converting the attic into bedrooms or living space. Match the wood to the loft flooring to give an added flow to the decor.

Flooring and windows

If you are planning to open up your loft, it is essential that you have proper flooring and support for the roof before you cut out any windows or consider adding dormer windows. Ask an architect to plan exactly what use you can make of the space and employ a reputable builder to make sure the flooring and roof are adequately supported.

Fire escapes

If you are planning to use your loft, you must make sure that you can get out if there is a fire. The loft access should not be restricted. So if you only have a pull down ladder, keep it open while you are in the loft. There should also be at least one window for ventilation.

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