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All about: British Army training

The British Army is a branch of the United Kingdom Armed Forces. The UK Army offers many different careers for enthusiastic individuals, and according to the army website, they are committed to the ongoing training and education of their soldiers. Read this article to learn more about the types of training and education provided by the British Army.


Soldier Initial (Phase 1) Training
The first phase of training for entrants into the British Army is conducted at many facilities in the UK, including Catterick, Harrogate, Bassingbourn, and Winchester. Soldiers in phase 1 learn general skills related to arms, fitness, military knowledge, battlefield drills, and fieldcraft. Trade (Phase 2/3) Training
During this phase of training, recruits specialise themselves in a specific trade, and learn the skills related to this trade. Soldiers can specialise in armour, aviation, artillery, engineering, infantry battle, logistics and support weapons. Officer Initial Training
RMA Sandhurst trains soldiers to become officers in the British Army. Most officers hold other university degrees, but entrance into the officer programme does not necessarily require a university degree. Territorial and Reserve Training
This is a specific component of the basic training in the British Army which teaches soldiers specific skills, including military terminology, how to wear the uniform, weapons handling and emergency first aid. Resettlement
This type of training helps to prepare individuals who are leaving an army career to work into the private or public sectors with skills for civilian living.


Officers' education
Officers must develop their education and qualifications for the duration of their careers. The British Army offers courses, programmes, and support to assist officers with their long-term educational goals. Officers must complete additional training and gain additional experience in order to gain promotion. Soldiers' education
The British Army is committed to helping soldiers to achieve success in their army career. The Command, Leadership, and Management Programme helps to prepare soldiers for promotion to positions of authority. Life skills
The British Army is committed to ensuring that its soldiers achieve a minimum level of literacy as laid out in the government's Skills for Life Agenda. This includes assessing all the new recruits for literacy skills in reading, writing, and mathematics. Those who fall below the legislative standard are referred to education programmes to prepare them to enter into the army forces. Specific learning difficulties
For learning challenges such as dyslexia, the army has support in place so that having a learning disability does not necessarily exclude one from entry into the army.

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