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All about: CITV's Play it

CITV Play it is a service launched by CITV and available through the CITV home page that allows its young audience to play games whilst also watching the channel as it streams to the computer. The selection of games on the channel reflects the programming on the channel and includes characters such as Horrid Henry. This article will explore the games and the streaming service.


The Play it site is designed for children to play games and watch their favourite shows all in one place, whilst being protected when on the internet. It features a wide selection of games aimed at all the age groups that CITV caters for including pre-school children. The site is very easy to navigate, as it would have to be given the age of the target audience and it is very simple for the kids to find the games that they want to play. The shows allow the children to recognise the characters, and then the games allow them to play and learn with characters that they already know.


The streaming service allows kids to watch their programmes online whilst parents or older siblings are watching shows in other rooms. The selection of shows depends on what the channel is showing at the time. The programming can run repeats a lot, but this shouldn’t bother kids if they are watching the shows they enjoy. The service streams live from the channel and can be viewed in either a small window or full screen mode. It is worth noting that a slow connection could lead to an interrupted service and angry kids, so the speed of connection should be taken into consideration.


The games available run through the complete range of programming as well as games such as Free Kick and Harry The Hamster 3. The range of games is quite good and they are very simple for the kids to use. Each of the games are brightly coloured and the simple controls and easy design method means that kids and adults might enjoy playing together. These CITV games also include a Frenzy game that is designed to be a crazy, quick and fun adventure that will make kids smile and learn whilst they play.

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