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All about: Encompass Insurance

Encompass Insurance is an American-based insurance company. With more than 1.3 million customers, and 3,200 independent agents, Encompass provides a nation-wide presence. It offers a wide range of insurance products, such as auto insurance and house insurance. This article will provide more details for Encompass Insurance.

An overview of Encompass insurance

Information about the company Encompass serves customers right across the United States of America. Its human resource management information system means that Encompass is capable of efficiently processing insurance proposals, and claims in a quick and efficient manner. In a recent survey (July 2009), 95.6% of its customer recommends Encompass for its customer service.
Trusted choice
Encompass carries the Trusted Choice designation, which means that: 1. Treat the insured as a person, and not a policy. 2. Dedicated to providing customer service. 3. Committed to guiding the customer though the claims process. Encompass strives to achieve the following: 1. Simpler insurance experience. 2. Innovative, coverage options. 3. Responsive, hassle-free, claims process. Financial rating
Encompass's insurance products are rated, according to the A.M Best Company as A-, to A+.

Encompass insurance policies

Universal security policy This is a special discounted insurance policy, whereby several policies are rolled into one policy. It comes in three variations: · Special: The basic policy. · Deluxe: This offers higher limits and benefits. · Elite: This provides the highest level of cover.
Auto insurance Has the following provisions: · Time-saver: This is a roadside break-down assistance coverage. · Accident scene: Assistance provides comprehensive accident care. · Body shop: Referrals, means that the car can be repaired at an insurance recommended garage, or at a garage chosen by the customer. · Auto glass referral and repair: It is the same program as the body shop policy, rolled-out to include glass repairs. · Rented car referral: If the car is on the road because of accident or repair, a rental car will be supplied for free.
Home-owner’s insurance
Encompass insurance company provides the following home insurance packages: · Special:The basic policy. · Deluxe: This offers higher limits and benefits. · Elite: This provides the highest level of cover. Home-work This insurance policy covers home-workers. Standard insurance policies only provide a maximum of around $2,500 for loss of business equipment. This polices is ideal for people running a business from home.
Boat insurance Encompass's boat insurance covers the following: · Replacement cover costs. · Personal property on board. · Uninsured boater’s coverage. · Business entertainment insurance. · Hull coverage for non-insured boats.
Motorcycle It is possible to cover a motorcycle under the USP policy. Identity fraud This insurance covers up to $20,000 in identity theft losses.

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