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All about: Hickory Hardware

Hickory Hardware ( offers a complete range of decorative cabinet hardware, as well as door, security and builders hardware solutions. Read this article to learn more on Hickory Hardware.

All about Hickory Hardware

Designed and marketed by Belwith Products, the Hickory Hardware name is synonymous with cutting-edge design and high quality standards. In 2006, Hickory Hardware acquired five of the finest hardware companies in the world, namely Belwith, Keeler Brass, Wright Products, Madico and Faultless Caster. As a result, Hickory Hardware brought the best of all these companies into its products. Range of Hickory Hardware products Hickory Hardware is the industry's leader in manufacturing quality cabinet hardware and other products. Builders can vouch for Hickory Hardware’s attention to detail and most opt for their products for their home hardware needs.
Cabinet hardware
Cabinet hardware products offered by Hickory Hardware include knobs, pulls, hinges, hooks, backplates, drawer slides and catches. further categorises each of these products according to style, finish and material used.

Door hardware
Hickory Hardware offers an unmatched selection of solid brass door hinges, handle sets, privacy and passage sets and accessories. Besides, on offer is a range of storm and screen door hardware.
Security hardware
Hickory Hardware is known for their expertise in door re-inforcers, locks and other auxiliary hardware. These are available in chrome, stainless steel or polished brass.
Builders hardware
Builders home hardware products range from door stops to miscellaneous items like ceiling hooks, cleats, finger and flush pulls. These are again categorised according to finish, material, type and application.

Where to buy Hickory Hardware

Buyers looking to purchase Hickory Hardware can refer to the store locator option at The site lists out the nearest Hickory Hardware dealers according to the buyer’s information. There are a few other suppliers of Hickory Hardware products. Hickory Hardware suppliers offers a complete line of Hickory Hardware products. In addition, they offer to ship up to three different sample items for customers to be able to take a decision. Customer service is also good. Another supplier of Hickory Hardware products is Knob Depot ( They offer free shipping on all purchases above $85 and stock all categories of Hickory Hardware products. Hickory Final word Hardware has more than a hundred years of experience in design and manufacturing. With the 2006 acquisition, the company has ensured that it is miles ahead of its competitors. For builders and home owners alike, the name Hickory Hardware will continue to spell great quality and high standards.

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