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All about: 'Laundry' products by Shelli Segal

The 'Laundry' collection by Shelli Segal revolves around dresses. With its feminine and contemporary styling, 'Laundry' is always trendy. This collection has a perfect dress for every occasion from business cocktails to a baby shower and every occasion in-between. Here is what you need to know about Shelli Segal and buying her 'Laundry' dresses.


Shelli Segal This press-shy designer was born is 1955, in Texas. She went on to earn her degree in Purchasing from the State University of New York and her fashion design degree from the Mayer School of Fashion Design. She worked for dress and sports apparel companies in both New York and California before being taken on as chief designer for the 'Laundry' label in 1992. The label had been launched a few years earlier in 1988 as a sportswear and dress company. The success of 'Laundry' Under Shelli Segal, the brand became so successful that its other divisions closed and all the staff members were transferred to the Shelli Segal division. 'Laundry' by Shelli Segal grew to include five lines, namely sportswear, dresses, bridal wear, knitwear and streetwear. Each division is headed by a designer who reports directly to Shelli. The latter remains the chief designer and is based in Los Angeles. In 1997, a flagship boutique store was opened on Wooster Street in New York’s SoHo.


'Laundry' reflects the sensibility of the “L.A Girl”, that is, contemporary, energetic and free-spirited. The Californian chic mindset encapsulates Shelli Segal’s no-frills approach. Although it has never carried out any major advertising campaign, 'Laundry' has been a major seller for all of the department stores that carry it. The trendy, slim-fitting designs of Shelli Segal's dresses have been seen onscreen. They have been worn by the female stars of top-rated TV series such as Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Friends. It is the dresses that have become the centre piece of the collection. In 1999, The Liz Claiborne group added 'Laundry' to its portfolio alongside brands such as DKNY and Lucky Brand.

Buying 'Laundry' dresses

'Laundry' by Shelli Segal, is available in stores exclusively through the House of Fraser. The collection is also available from online retailers like and

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