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All about: Marks and Spencers

Marks and Spencers are one of the most popular stores on the High Street. They also have numerous service station stores along the major UK road routes. Read on for more information relating to the company itself and the various products they offer.


Marks and Spencers began life in 1884 and was started by Michael Marks and Thomas Spencer. They currently have over seven hundred stores in the UK and three hundred others across the world. While they were once previously only associated with fashion and fine food, they now specialise in numerous other ventures as detailed below.

The shops

As previously mentioned, there are over a thousand Marks and Spencers stores world wide. Some specialise in solely fashion, some smaller stores are just food outlets, there are also a number of discount outlets that other customers fashion and other older items at a reduced price.


Before the millennium, the brand had become synonymous with luxury clothing at reasonable prices for older women. However, in the last ten years, they have introduced a number of sister brands under the Marks and Spencers name. Per Una is one such brand and showcases luxury fashion for younger customers. They also specialise in men's clothing and frequently update their new ranges of mens shoes now.


Marks and Spencers has a long history of quality food. They were the first retailer to sell pre-packaged sandwiches and continue to have a fantastic selection in store at various prices. They also offer their own brand of luxury food. Every so often they run a Two Dine For £10 meal deals. These allow you to create a restaurant quality meal with a bottle of wine or drink of your choice. Recently, they have also started to include other popular brands in their stores.


As well as a fantastic range of insurance products, Marks and Spencers also have a range of money products available. The Marks and Spencers money card is much like a credit card but you get points pack to spend in Marks and Spencers stores or on special offers. For more information on their money products, visit for more details. They are also one of the best providers of travel money, offering very competitive rates.


The brand has now moved into the gas and electricity energy market. They frequently offer the cheapest fuel and energy on the market. They also offer incentives for switching to them. As an energy provider, you receive Marks and Spencers vouchers following different periods in your account history.

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