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All about: M&I bank

Marshall &Ilsey corporation (M&I bank) is Wisconsin’s largest bank. M&I is a diversified financial services corporation which provides trust and investment management, mortgage banking, asset-based lending, financial planning, investments, insurance services and equipment leasing. For more information on M&I bank and its financial offerings, read this article.

An overview of M&I bank

Founded in 1847, M&I bank is Wisconsin’s largest bank. With its headquarters in Milwaukee, it has a total of 194 offices throughout the state. It also as office in the following locations: · Minnesota.
· Las Vegas/Nevada.
· St. Louis.
· Indianapolis.
· Arizona.
· Kansas City.
· Florida’s West Coast.
· Minneapolis/St Paul.
· Duluth Financial status In 2008, M&I turned a net profit of $2.43 billion. However with the credit crunch in 2008, it made a net loss in 2009 of $858.8 million and a slightly better performance in 2010 with a net loss of $616.9 million.

M&I bank financial offerings

MI bank makes the following financial offerings: Personal accounts banking - Which includes checking, savings, health savings accounts (HSA), credit/debit cards, online banking, and overdraft facility. Borrowing - Which provides home loans, lines of credit, credit cards, and other loans. Investing - Which includes the options to create a comprehensive financial plan, retirement planning, educational strategies, as well as tools and educational programs. Small business deposits - Include checking, savings, online solutions, industry specific solutions, security protection, business quick switch kit. Credit - These facilities include loans and credit cards, lines of credit, financing and government loans. Cash management - Includes collections, disbursement, and information reporting, liquidity and investment management. Employee service - Includes retirement, health savings account (HSA), health reimbursement account (HRA), employee advantage banking, employee card programs Commercial deposits - Includes checking, savings and money markets accounts, global trade services, credit card facilities, treasury services and business banking. Credit - Includes loans and credit lines, commercial credit cards, institutional real estate, equipment financing and leasing. Treasury management - Provides collections, disbursements, information reporting, liquidity and investment managing services. Employee service - Provides retirement planning, health savings accounts (HSA), employee advantage banking, employee card programs Institutional facilities Capital market services - Investment management, foundation and trust administration, planned gift administration, and custody solutions. M&I also supplies a range of administrative solutions, investment management plans and retirement plans which are designed around the needs of institutions. Wealth management Personal service - Provides financial planning, private banking, investment management, trust services, corporate & executive services. Institutional services - Includes administrative solutions, investment management, retirement plans, and capital market services. Investment management - M&I provides a wide range of investment solutions tailored to the needs of the individual or the organisation.

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