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All about: Oak Express Furniture

Oak Express Furniture is part of a larger company, namely Furniture Row. Furniture Row is based in Denver, Colorado, and it has specialised brands that include in addition to Oak Express, Sofa Mart, Bedroom Expressions and Denver Mattress. It has been in business since 1974. Oak Express features furniture made of oak and other wood that can be used in the home and home office. This article provides an insight into Oak Express Furniture.

The home ofice

Oak Express includes furniture that can be suited for any home office. There, you can find simple desks with solid oak worktops in various heights and sizes, book cases, filing cabinets, hutches, desk chairs and computer bases. Corner pieces are available for offices that are tight on space. Some of the Oak Express office furniture includes mixtures of oak and ash. If you would like more flexibility, Oak Express has a modular office which includes a writing desk, a hutch, a CPU storage and more.


For entertainment rooms, furniture for holding your Video, stereo, CDs and DVs, surround sound equipments and speakers are all available and can give your room a look of style. Oak Express offers TV stands and multiple shelves that can hold your extras and TV as well. If you prefer tall, narrow shelves, then you can use them as stand-alone units or combine them with other Oak Express pieces such as media console and an upper shelf. Media consoles Some of the media consoles are open while others have doors. Other media consoles feature a combination of open shelves and doors. The styles range from traditional to modern, allowing you to easily furnish your house.

Dining room

Chairs Oak Express can help you furnish the dining room with elegant or plain dining tables, matching chairs and side tables and more. The chairs range from the Windsor style, to bar chairs and upholstered formal chairs. Tables The tables range in size and height, from the formal to very informal styles. If you prefer a dining set, Oak Express has them and if you prefer to mix and match, Oak Express gives you that option as well. You can even buy incidental furniture to match the style of the dining furniture such as benches and sideboards or serving tables.

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