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All about: Orange pay as you go tariffs

Orange offer many different pay as you go tariffs that are certain to please any user that chooses to use them as their mobile network provider. Their different tariffs are named after animals and this article will explain each of them separately. When you top up your account you will get your credit plus some bonuses. You can top up your accounts using a top up card or you can pay by phone.


This is for users who enjoy their music, with top ups ranging from as little as £5 and up to £30. With each top up, you will receive free music, a certain amount of text messages that increase with the more expensive top ups, and also a 2mb daily pass of internet to be used on sites such as Twitter.


The Dolphin plan is for internet users, aimed at the new mobile Facebook and Twitter sites that are available. Top ups range from £10 up to £30 and offer you texts and free internet, best used over 3g data connections. The more you top up, the more texts you get, with 400 texts at the lower end £10 top up and unlimited texts on the £30 top up. The free internet is capped at 100Mb per month.


This standard top up tariff is for minutes and texts to any network. Top ups range from £10 up to £30 with more expensive tariffs offering more minutes and texts. Alongside, normal text messages, it also includes photo messages in the bundle.
This top up is limited, however, to only be used in the evening between 7pm and 7am the following day, but can be used at any time during the week-ends.


The Racoon tariff is different from the previous tariffs as it doesn't give you anything for free, but affects the normal price of calls and texts. All calls are reduced to just 12p per minute and texts are charged at only 12p each. This tariff is not dependent on how much you top up, it just changes how your top up is used to give you a reduced price. It is useful if you don't use your phone often.


This tariff is designed for people who wish to contact mobiles or landlines overseas. It offers free international calling minutes depending on how much you top up, ranging from £10 up to £30. Alongside giving you free minutes, it also gives you reduced prices to use your credit on so that you do run out of minutes. This also includes cheaper rates within the UK for calls and texts.

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