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All about: Pentagon Federal Credit Union

The Pentagon Federal Credit Union is a major North American financial institution, serving more than a million members of the United States armed forces. This includes the US Air Force, the Department of Defence and the Veterans of Foreign Wars. The company boasts more than 15 billion US dollars of assets and provides mortgages, individual loans and credit cards among other services.

Products available

The Pentagon Union provides special education loans to help students, whatever their financial circumstances are. The Pentagon Federal Education Loan is not based on needs and is also exempt from the Free Application for Federal Student Aid.
Home Equity Loan or Line of Credit For home owners, there is also the option of taking on a Home Equity Loan, or a Line of Credit, which can be used to fund a student’s expenses, such as book purchases and expenses for educational travel.
Provision of funds
Meanwhile, a personal loan provides funds for people to purchase a range of products, such as home appliances or a luxury vacation. Loans can range from as little as $500 to as much as $25,000, subject to an individual’s credit history. Insurance services
The Pentagon Federal Credit Union also provides a number of insurance services, including life insurance, long-term care cover and auto insurance. Customers are able to receive comprehensive policies at a competitive market price.

Online banking services

The company provides constant online access to bank accounts with the modern PenFed Online service, after customers register with their own individual username and password. People can use this service to transfer funds to other bank accounts, pay utilities bills and change their personal information, such as their address and contact details.
Online mobile service
Penfed also offers an online mobile service, where customers can check the balance of their bank accounts through their cell phones. They can also view local ATMs and bank branches, share rates and calculate any loan payments.
Enrolling with PenFed Online In order to enrol with PenFed Online, people must select a security image and a phrase that they will use whenever they log in to their accounts in the future. The company does not store any private or personal data, but will use a standard secure cookie for an individual computer for identification purposes only.

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