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All about: Twin size beds

The twin bed was a fairly new invention and it created an uproar of sorts, when it first appeared in the 1890s. Some people felt that it meant that the marriage was over, while other people regarded it as a health benefit. However, it may be that the twin bed quickly became popular and marriage survived. Twin size bed work well for children as well as adults.

Twin bed: Standard

The standard twin bed is 39 inches wide and 75 inches long. It will work well for an adult as well as for children. This bed works well as a bed for guests as the modest size will make it work in even a smaller room. Bedding for this bed can be easy to find as the bed size is considered as standard. The twin mattress for this bed is not difficult to find as well. It will be available at bedding and furnishing stores.

Twin bed: Extra long

The twin bed can be longer to accommodate a taller person. The bed shares the same dimensions as the standard bed of 39 inches, but it is 80 inches long, five inches longer than the standard. The bed dimensions are odd enough that it will be difficult to find sheets for it. The mattress for the bed may be difficult to find as well. It may be available at bed and bedding stores. If not, you might have the mattress custom made.

Bunk beds

These beds are included here as their mattresses are considered as twin. This style of bed may date back to the Egyptian era. The bunk bed has two distinct sizes. The first is the narrow bunk size. This is 36 inches by 75 inches, three inches narrower than the standard mattress. The unusual size for the mattress will make it difficult to find sheets for it. The other bunk bed size is more of a standard size. The dimensions are 36 inched by 75 inches. It will work well for a child, or perhaps a pre-teen even on the upper level. Even an adult could sleep comfortably on this bed as well as on the upper level. The mattress for this bed should be easy to find. They will be available at furnishings stores as well as bedding and bed stores.

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