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Alternative ideas for wedding jewelry sets

There are many alternatives to the traditional wedding jewelry set. A traditional set usually includes a gold wedding band and diamond engagement ring for the bride and a plain golden band for the groom. Instead of following tradition, contemporary couples may opt for trendy alternatives, matching his and hers wedding rings. Others may prefer family heirlooms or antique style wedding sets. Wedding jewelry sets are not restricted to diamonds. Many couples choose a sapphire, emerald or other favourite precious stone for their wedding sets. The article below suggests alternative ideas for wedding jewelry sets.

Modern, trendy and fashionable wedding jewelry set ideas using metals other than gold

Many couples opt for matching wedding ring bands. Bands made from platinum and other metals besides the traditional gold bands are becoming increasingly popular. White gold bands are a less expensive alternative to platinum. White gold looks similar to and costs about half as much as platinum. Another alternative to platinum is palladium. This metal costs less than platinum and white gold, and gives the same look. Tungsten, a rare, highly durable steely gray metal is also being used more and more for engagement jewellery and wedding bands. Bands made of tungsten will last a lifetime. Nowadays, couples are often turning to custom jewelry makers to design their own rings.

Antique or heirloom wedding bands

Heirloom wedding bands can have special meaning for the wedding couple. Rings with sentimental value may be used just as they are or resized and even repaired, if necessary. If the jewelry is not in good condition, a new piece can also be created by using the settings of a ring belonging to your mother, grandmother or other special relative. If no heirloom is available, an art deco replica can provide a similar effect.

Coloured gemstones: An alternative to the traditional diamond gemstone wedding band

Diamonds have long been the gem of choice for wedding engagement rings for women. However, a coloured gemstone or arrangement of gemstones can be a colourful change from the traditional rings with diamonds. Many gemstones such as rubies, emeralds or sapphires can be used for wedding engagement rings. If cost is an issue, less expensive gems such as an array of garnets can be substituted for diamonds. Gemstones that correspond with the bride's birthstone, such as amethyst, sapphire, ruby, topaz or pearl make special engagement rings.

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