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American standard tubs: The facts

American standards have always focused on luxury and comfort at an affordable price and bathtubs are no exception to that. This article takes a look at American brands, specializing in bathroom fixtures with a wide angle perspective on the American Standard bathtub.

Why buy American Standard?

The American Standard Co. has been in business since the 1800s, and they have perfected the enameling that went onto cast iron bathtubs in 1883, thereby making it easier to clean. Here are some reasons that make the American Standard parts from the company so popular around the world: Manufacturing Technology
The famous tubs are made by using a technology that presses a specially coated alloy into its tub form.
As a result, the American Standard sink and tub have a higher heat insulation ratio that keeps water hot for longer. Variety
The variety in products from American standard is staggering to say the least.
The last count showed products ranging from American Standard faucet and accessories, toilet seats and tank lids, kitchen accessories, bathroom suites and collections and much more.
Moreover, major product pricing starts at $250 and moves upward (this price was seen on on 27/05/11).

Types of American Standard Tubs

Common types
Typically, all bathtubs from American standard carry some or the other patented technology in them. Here are the major tub designs Slippery style:
Standard and corner tubs
While the standard variety offers a gamut of options, colors and fixtures, there are some that are actually made with the budget conscious in mind.
Conversely, corner tubs are perfect for places with smaller floor area and some varieties in the higher price range are actually made to therapeutic standards. Whirlpool and Walk in tubs
While the Jacuzzi may be the leader in strategically pressured water outlets, the Whirlpool range gives comfort and therapy bathing a new definition, with its ability to create waves and pressure zones for a more relaxing experience.
Only the walk-in may trump it with its removal of the hazardous step and application of patented technology.

Other options

Final word
Apart from bathtubs, there are other components such as the American standard toilet and other plumbing accessories.
Along with the bathtub, these additions will definitely make your bathroom an abode of comfort and style.

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