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An overview of broadcasting and cable

There was a time, when TV transmission consisted of three broadcast networks and few local TV channels broadcasting news shows. In many markets, there were only one or two networks broadcasting, and local programming was limited. This article will thus gives an overview of broadcasting and cable.

Section one

History of broadcasting and cable It can be seen that big cities, such as New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Boston and Philadelphia, were anchored by strong local broadcast outlets, but the majority of the nation was not. As a result, many people lacked the opportunities to get informed about important issues. That changed with the growth of cable beginning in the late 1970s.
Cable television companies
Cable television companies give TV viewers an enormous selection of choices.
News, sports, weather, movies, cooking, drama, foreign languages and science are just a few of the choices that viewers have.
Increase in people's knowledge Although, some might decry those who watch and depend on television for information, entertainment and education. The fact is that people have an opportunity to increase their level of knowledge with the wide choices on their television. Beneficial for people in rural areas People, who live in rural areas, are among those who benefit the most from television.
Different stations and channels
With over-the-air broadcast signals limited in their ability to reach homes, many of these people were lucky to get two or three channels. These people now have a choice of hundreds of stations.

Section two

24-hour channels The onset of broadcasting and cable television gave birth to 24-hour news channels. The first of these was Ted Turner's Cable News Network. CNN CNN set standards for news coverage that networks had to scramble to match. The network's success showed that the nation has an insatiable appetite for news. Sports channels The onset of cable television has also been a boon to sports. Beginning with the efforts of ESPN in 1979, the broadcasting of sporting events and sports news has demonstrated that the sports' fans are always ready for more information. Networks for teams
The NFL, Major League Baseball, the National Basketball Association and the National Hockey League all have their own networks, and teams are able to secure huge fees when broadcasting their games on cable television. Provision of information to people
Although, many TV critics offer a valid argument when they point out that individuals waste much of their life in front of the television, cable TV news and broadcasts offers the public the opportunity to stay informed and gain more knowledge. This indeed benefits the society, because informed citizens tend to make intelligent choices.

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