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Brylane Home: Review and rate

Brylane Company is the best seller of housewares that include bedding, bath, kitchen, furniture and home decor catalogs. Brylane is a New York-based company that has many branches worldwide. It is basically an Internet and catalogue shopping company. There are many aspiring employees working in this retail market. This article mentions the different kinds of housewares available at Brylane.

Types of housewares available

Sleep There are many types and models of unique bedding catalogs available. Brylane not only promises sweet dreams, but also sweet beds that add beauty and glory to your bedroom. The major feature is that it gives a rich look to the room at a cheaper cost. Karle reversible comforter set can be put upside down and has been the fastest moving of all bedding. It costs $16. Digi Luv totally is the bedding that can be reversed and has been the favourite of lovers as it bears the heart symbol, and a picture of Cupid. It costs $24.
Shadow vine piece comforter which costs $25 has been designed in a shadowy way and attracts teenagers. It is available in black and white colour and gives a unique feel.
Eat and drink When it comes to eating and drinking equipment, the top ratings go for Brylane homes followed by Ikea. No woman can leave the shop without buying at least one cutlery after she had a glimpse of it. If there is a woman who has not had a look at their collection, she is sure to miss something in her kitchen. Extra deep lasagna pan costing $30 gives big storage for cooking. Then, there is seven-PC coffee mug tree set costing $20 which gives a really cute and simple look to the dining table. Retro drink set is the best set to enjoy juice and ice cream with family and pals. It is a high quantity product which looks very elegant. Bath To make your bathing experience an ecstatic one, the company offers diamond stripes bath collection costing $12.99, making your bathroom the most fashionable one. There is also Greek key bath collection which is outstanding for its unique Greek designs. It costs only $10.

Other offers

Brylane is a special offer where the average of the amount spent is given back. The survey says that this coupon was 82% successful. The coupon that was given for dry pan was newly introduced and customers rated this as being very good. One more offer that is provided gives 20% off to the highest-priced item purchased. This was found to be 81% successful. A particular coupon which was 100% success is that it provided free shipping of home items purchased. All prices are correct on 28.07.11

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