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Buying guide: Designer perfume

The entire process of getting ready is not complete until you spray on fragrance into the air and walk into it.This article not only explores some of the top fragrances that are available in the market but it also teaches you how to shop for the perfect fragrance.

Popular fragrances for women

10 - Emporio Armarni's Diamonds
This perfume exudes self-confidence and pizazz. As the name suggests, it gives a sense of something precious through it's distinctive rose flavour with undertones of raspberry. 9 - Dolce and Gabbana's Light Blue
As the name suggests, this fragrance is fraught with flowers and tones of fruit. Flirtatious and fun, yet sophisticated, it is the perfect scent for women with a sense of mischief.
8 - Calvin Klein's Euphoria
Full of rich and alluring flavours, Euphoria encapsulates the sensuality of a woman. With dramatic amber, black lilly and pomegranate notes, this truly gives a sense of adventure and mystery. 7 - Giorgio Armarni's Code
A unique and sensual fragrance, Code gives a spellbinding burst of orange blossom.
6 - Marc Jacobs' Daisy
A free-spirited, light fragrance, Daisy encapsulates everything fun about throwing caution to the wind. With overtones of wild strawberry, this is the perfect summer fragrance.
5 - Jean Paul Gaultier's Classique
This bewitching scent combines floral flavours with deeper undertones of musk and amber. Signalising strong femininity, this one is perfect for the sensual woman who is not afraid of a little danger. 4 - Thierry Mugler's Angel
For angels with a darker side, this perfume gives the impression of innocence with vanilla and caramel, whilst diffusing a more sophisticated woody oriental undertone. 3 - Paco Rabbane's Lady Million
This scent is a one-in-a-million scent which is sensual, feminine and glamorous with a dark side. Bitter orange and Arabian jasmine make this a dramatic and exciting fragrance. 2 - Gucci's Guilty
For the unique and sensual woman who is not afraid to push the boundaries, Guilty combines dark amber notes with exciting pink pepper. 1 - Jimmy Choo's Jimmy Choo
Exuding an aura of beauty and strength, this perfume is clearly inspired by the modern woman: empowered, smart, sassy and fun. Tiger orchard is blended with sweet Italian orange.

A guide to selecting a fragrance

Fragrance for women
Many fragrance shops and department stores have small pieces of cardboard for testing perfumes. Spray the tip of this lightly, waft it in the air then leave it to settle for a few seconds before smelling.
Discounted fragrances
If you are interested in a specific perfume or scent, consult with the store assistant. It is advisable to compare various shops beforehand to make sure that you have access to discounted fragrances on the market.

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