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Callserve Internet Telefon: Review and rate

Callserve is the facility whereby users can make and receive calls using the Internet. Similar to the more recent program Skype, the system is run through Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) software, and allows individuals to communicate via telephone using a broadband internet connection.

Callserve features

The software used by Callserve is beneficial for making web calls, and is seen by some as a cheaper alternative to making calls through a regular landline telephone, particularly distance calls. Some of the features that are available through Callserve include; it allows callers to make and receive high quality internet calls. The system is connected on a continual basis. Callserve claims to be 90% cheaper than using a regular landline to make the same call. The rates from Callserve are consistent throughout a 24-hour period. They do not have on and off peak call times, and web phone calls are charged at a flat rate, regardless of the time. Instead, the call charges are based upon the destination of the online phone call.

Review and rate

Some of the reviews about Callserve have been good, others not so good, but the overall reviews on website CNET award the service a total of 3.5 stars out of a total of five. Reviews and ratings for any company are there for guidance only, as different customers will expect different standards and levels of service from their Internet call service, and will therefore rate the company according to their own preferences. Positive comments about Callserve: - Generally the software is easy to use
- The call quality is good
- Very cheap calls
- It is free to download the VoIP software
- Callserve customer care quickly answer queries and assist with problems
- The software is easy to download and to use
- The company is well established, it has been around for many years and levels of quality are significantly better than competitors. Some of the negative comments include: - In order to use the service, the user needs to purchase $15 (£9.21) of call time in order to begin making online calls.
- Comparison services are cheaper
- The company charge more per minute than stated
- Poor sound quality
- Unsuitable for business use
- Sometimes calls will not connect
- Calls are billed by the minute and not by the second.

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