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Choosing discount accommodation for a holiday in New York

There are plenty of opportunities for great hotels in New York. If you plan to go on a holiday there, looking for cheap accommodation rates is ideal. However, make sure to select the proper time of the year to go, in order to make the most out of your vacation.

Budget accommodation

When you make your hotel reservations it is recommended to research the NYC hotel deals. Usually the cheaper accommodation falls in a few main categories: B&Bs
You may end up in a loft-like type of flat. Rooms are usually bright and large but you would have to share the bathrooms and other common areas like the breakfast room. Traveler hotels
You will find those in Manhattan, too. Built in an European-style, they are equipped with a kitchenette, beds and pull-out sofas. Some rooms may have private baths while others will share toilets with the rest of the floor. Hostels
Hostels are dorm-like rooms which have bunk beds piled one over the other. With almost no decorations in the rooms, hostels do have nice surroundings, a cheery atmosphere and backyard gardens. The bottom line is that you want to save on the hotel so that you can have as much fun and see as many sights as possible.
Upper West and East Side are recommended to stay in for visiting museums and cultural highlights.
Broadway enthusiasts may choose Midtown. You may also find good deals in old hotels in Chelsea and for B&Bs in Greenwich Village and East Village.

Resources for NYC cheap accommodation

The best online resources to look at are: Just New York Hotels (
They have over 150 hotels selected for you in and around Manhattan with prices that include all taxes and fees. NYC Hotels (
They work directly with hotels in the NYC area to provide the best rates. New York Deals On Hotels (
A wide range of hotels in and out of Manhattan. New York 50 (
They are specialised in budget accommodation, offering cheap rates for hotels, hostels, apartments and B&Bs. Special deals
Some hotels offer special internet-only deals. The ones listed below claim they offer up to 70 percent less than standard rates: Hotwire ( Orbitz ( Hoteldiscounts ( Hotels ( Travelzoo (

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