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Comparing Verizon wireless broadband with its competitors

A mobile internet services or wireless broadband card allows you to stay connected to the internet and your favourite apps even beyond the reach of Wi-Fi hotspots. In this article, we analyse the features and services offered by Verizon and how they stand up to the competition.

The battle for communications supremacy

Currently, the turf war between different Telecom companies over mobile broadband connections is a competition across several product lines. 4G mobile broadband
4G (4th Generation) wireless internet protocol is supposed to provide the fastest speeds, with a higher broadband usage comparable to that of internet at home. However, since it is a new technology, comprehensive coverage is a concern.
While consumers say that Clearwire provides faster speeds, Verizon wireless is known for better coverage and signal strength, although British Telecom and Sky are the leaders in this segment.
The LTE standard used by Verizon is said to be future-proof when compared to the WiMAX standard used by the Clearwire. 3G Connections
While slower than 4G protocols, 3G wireless networks are enjoy widespread use, and consequently, have a better coverage area.
The major players in this sector are Verizon, AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile.
Based on various tests and consumer reports, Verizon wireless internet services are most preferred by users for its consistent coverage.
Verizon wireless network is rated very highly for its technical support and customer service, having won multiple awards in both categories. Prepaid Mobile Broadband
Verizon’s recent entry into this service offering along with T-Mobile has intensified the competition with both aiming to be a preferred communications provider.
Orange and Virgin are considered the competition to beat, although Verizon is known for its coverage area.

Verizon FiOS and the verdict

The basics
While Verizon started out with cellular plans and it has quickly diversified its service offerings to meet the growing demand from individuals and corporations.
FiOS, the fibre optic service from Verizon, gives you speeds that enable buffer-less HD experience on your television, ultra fast 150 Mbps FiOS internet, and phone usage.
Verizon phones powered by FiOS currently provide the most discounts on international calls. Wireless is the future
With increased telecommuting and reliance on cloud storage, it is clear that wireless broadband is poised to be the backbone of future businesses.
While Verizon is a serious competitor, they will need to improve performance on multiple parameters to overtake the leaders in this segment.

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