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Comparing the prices of Breville bread makers

Freshly baked bread can easily be made in Breville bread makers. Compare the prices of four different Breville bread machines that range from £80 to £216. Each bread machine, including a Fruit & Nut dispenser, is equipped with numerous settings to allow many different flavours of bread to be baked.

What is a bread machine?

A bread machine is a home appliance that is set on counters or tables. It is used for the sole purpose of baking loaves of bread that have a homemade taste. Customers often prefer to make their own bread because they can control what ingredients are added to the bread. These include fruits, nuts and seeds.

Breville Custom Loaf Pro bread maker

Bread maker by Breville Breville's Custom Loaf Pro bread maker is not the normal baker's oven. It is equipped with more than 60 different settings, a Fruit & Nut dispenser and has a unique
'turn and confirm' dial. With this 'programme-your-own-recipe' feature, even the beginner bread maker will be able bake dozens of different flavoured breads. Priced at around £216, the Custom Loaf Pro by Breville has the reputation of being the
'smartest bread maker' that has ever hit the market. Customers who purchase this item will find that it has many features that most bread machines do not have, such as a collapsible blade, a viewing light, variable crust settings, a smart interface and much more.

Breville ikon Baker's Oven

Baker's Oven The Breville ikon Baker's Oven is equipped with many of the same features as the Breville Custom Loaf Pro bread maker. Priced at around £178, this Baker's Oven has a 13-hour preset timing button that can be set to allow the customer to wake up to freshly baked bread. Three different size of loaves can be made in this baker's oven including a 750g, a 1kg, and a 1.25kg loaf size. Another added feature of this bread maker is a jam blade. The jam blade allows you to make delicious homemade jams to add to your freshly baked bread.

Two more Breville Baker's Ovens

Comparison The last two baker's ovens are slightly cheaper than the first two bread machines mentioned above. The Breville Baker's Oven that is equipped with more than
50 different programmes, is designed for not only making bread, but dough and jams as well. It is priced at around £123. Last but not least, is the Breville 23-programme baker's oven. Although smaller in size, this bread machine can still turn out three different crust variations and has a preset
13-hour timer. It also contains a rapid bake setting so as to bake a loaf of bread in around 2 1/2 hours. Priced at around £80, this bread machine is worth the money. *Prices are correct as of 24.08.11.

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