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Comparing the prices of wet tile cutters

A wet tile saw is one of the important tiling tools for sizing tiles properly and for giving them a smooth finish. Electric saws are preferred to hand-held saws due to their many advantages. This article compares the prices of wet tile cutters.

Low-end wet tile saw

The tile cutting saw is generally priced below £100. They are suitable for different kinds of cuts or notches.
Tile cutting saw for less than £50 The Vitrex 103402 Diamond Blade Tile Cutting Saw is available at a price of £35.89. ( as at 17.08.11). This wet saw comes with an extending table to accommodate large tile cutting operations.

Electric cutters that cost between £50 and £100 The Plasplug Compact Plus Electric Tile Cutter is suitable for cutting floor and wall tiles which are up to a thickness of 20 mm. It comes with a water re-circulation system and ensures clean cutting. It is suitable for straight, corner and angle cuts or for making curves and holes. It costs £54.95 ( as at 17.08.11). The Vitrex Versatile Power Pro 560 Electric Tile Cutters (110V) is priced at £77.99 ( as at 17.08.11). It can cut tiles that are as thick as 33 mm. Water supply is gravity-fed and is re-circulated back to the reservoir after cooling the blade. Insets, mitres, angles and straight cuts are possible using this wet tile saw.

High-end electric cutters

These are more expensive tile cutting saws that come with very sophisticated features. They are suitable for a variety of surfaces.

Tile cutters saw for less than £100 to £150 The Plasplug Contractor Plus Tile Cutters is priced at £132.20 ( as at 17.08.11). It comes with an adjustable wheel guard and it ensures clean results due to its unique water re-circulation feature. It also has a drain plug for quick water release. It can be used on terracotta, porcelain, slate, ceramic, limestone and granite surfaces.
Tile cutters that cost more than £150 Priced at £399.95, excluding VAT ( as at 17.08.11), the Rubi ND 200 portable electric tile cutter is an ideal wet tile saw for marble, ceramic, glass and stoneware tile cutting.

In conclusion

A wet tile saw is cost-effective to purchase if you have more than two rooms for tiling. A pumpless wet tile saw ensures that clean water is sprayed, but it requires you to be near a water source while cutting the tiles. Electric cutters equipped with a re-circulation pump reuse water after filtering the debris.

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