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Diet recipe: The facts

Frustrated dieters are always on the lookout for delicious food which manages to burn off fat. Many dieters share secret recipes with each other, in the hope to lessen the suffering involved in dieting. But what are the facts about diet recipes? Read this article to find out more.

Why most diet recipes fail to work

Overview Everyone who has ever been on a diet has, at some stage or other, tried out a secret diet recipe.
And more often than not, they do to work. Why so? The reason why diet recipes tend to fail is not that the recipes are inherently bad, but rather, the frustrated dieter is usually hopelessly optimistic. For example, an average slice of cheesecake will usual have around 500 calories, whereas a low fat Apple Cheddar Cheesecake has only 115 calories per slice. While it is great to eat occasional low calorie treats, nobody can live on cheesecake alone!
The reason for failure is because dieters eat both the low fat recipes and unhealthy foods too. Just take a look, on web, at the various diets which are now available.
Nothing changes, most of them boast huge weight losses within only a few days. And many diets have special gimmicks, such as eat only fruits, or eat protein but no carbohydrates. The amazing thing is how these claims go against all medical evidence, which suggests a sustainable weight loss is only around 2lb. of fat per week.
The first step in making diet recipes work, then, is to face up to the reality that any recipe, no matter how good it is constitutes of only one part of a fat loss plan. There is no point in eating unhealthy foods combined with some super low fat recipe.
The proper place for a diet recipe is to act as a tool to aid weight loss.

The best diet recipe of all

Final word While there are many diet recipes, the best diet recipe is a calorie-controlled, low fat diet.
Ideally, one which is around 10% below basal metabolic rate (BMR) yields best results. By following this diet rigorously, it becomes possible to lose weight.
Attempt to introduce diet recipes into this regime, while still following its principles. Also occasionally, maybe once a week or so, it is fine to break completely from the diet and eat small amounts of junk food. By sticking to the diet with some diet recipes integrated into it, it becomes possible to enhance weight loss and still manage to enjoy the eating process.

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