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What are the most healthy foods to eat?

To get your body on the fast track to super health and slimming down, you need to eat the right foods. This list of super foods goes easily with any healthy eating diets that you are following or choosing yourself.

Superfoods are the most healthy foods

Superfoods are those healthy foods that fight disease and boost your energy at the same time. All of these foods are something that most people eat daily without realising the powerful nutrients they are providing. Planning diet meals with these superfoods in mind is as easy as adding a certain spice to a dish. You not only get the best nutritional value, but you get a decrease in calorie intake, aiding you in weight loss or maintaining a healthy weight.

Five of the most healthy foods

Each food listed shows why they are healthy along with a diet tip on how to use them in everyday healthy diets.
Dark chocolate · Just one-quarter ounce of dark chocolate daily can reduce blood pressure in normally healthy people. · Dark chocolate is rich in flavonoids, an antioxidant that reduces bad cholesterol (LDL) and increased good cholesterol (HDL). Tip: When reaching for a chocolate bar, choose dark over milk chocolate. Milk chocolate only has about 14 milligrams of flavonoids, while dark chocolate has a whopping 53 milligrams. Lemons · Lemons provide 100% of your daily dose of Vitamin C, which increases the good cholesterol and strengthens the bones. · Lemons also have flavonoids (citrus flavonoids) which help to inhibit the growth of cancer cells. Tip: Add a slice of lemon to your tea, preferably green tea. Walnuts · Out of all the nuts, walnuts have the most Omega 3 fatty acids, which reduces cholesterol · Omega 3 also improves the mood, fights cancers, and can help to protect against sun damage. Tip: Eat a few in the evening for dessert or a snack. They are full of the anti-oxidant melatonin that helps to regulate sleep. Spinach · Spinach has two very important immune boosting anti-oxidants for eye health – lutein and zeaxanthin. · It is also the most effective cancer fighting vegetable. Tip: Add spinach to a smoothie for all the healthy benefits without adding flavour. Blend spinach, apple juice, a banana, and some ice for a healthy smoothie without a trace of spinach flavour. Garlic · Garlic is the super disease-fighting food. It fights disease by inhibiting bacteria growth, including E. coli. · Allicin found in garlic lowers cholesterol and blood pressure. Tip: Don’t overcook garlic, you can lose important nutrients by heating it longer than ten minutes.

Other super healthy foods

Five more super healthy foods to enjoy: · Avocados
· Mushrooms
· Barley
· Wild salmon
· Broccoli

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