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East Meets West Foundation: The facts

Have you ever heard of East Meets West Foundation (or EMW as it is widely known)? Are you thinking of making a donation or becoming a member of the foundation and want to know more about it? In any case, read the following article and find out all the interesting facts that you need to know about East Meets West Foundation.

General information

History The East Meets West name goes back in 1988, when LeLy Hayslip from the village of Ky La in central Vietnam established the foundation with the primary goal of healing the fresh wounds of the war between the United States of America and Vietnam.
Popularity Today, East Meets West Foundation (widely known with its initials, namely, EMW) has managed to become globally known and respected.
Location East Meets West Foundation’s headquarters are located in Oakland, CA, United States of America, Hanoi, Vietnam and Asia. You can also find an East Meets West office located in Washington, DC, USA, three EMW offices located in Vietnam (two in Da Nang and one in Ho Chi Minh City), one in Vientiane, Laos and an EMW office in Phnom Penh city, Cambodia.


East Meets West Foundation aims at providing solutions to development problems. The term ‘development problems’ may refer to a vast variety of unresolved issues, including health, education, shelter amongst others. Yet East Meets West Foundation specialises in providing solutions in health and education problems.


East Meets West Foundation receives funding from a vast variety of sources, such as banks, private foundations and individuals. Amongst the most known supporters of the foundation are the following: - The Atlantic Philanthropies - The Global Partnership on Output-Based Aid - USAID - The Lemelson Foundation - The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill - The Ford Foundation Statistics It is important to note that according to 2010 financial data issued by East Meets West Foundation, 94% of the foundation’s budget is used for program support.


If you wish to contact East Meets West Foundation, visit its official website and click under the ‘Contact’ section. You can contact an East Meets West team member by phone, fax, letter or e-mail, using the phone or number, postal address or e-mail address provided.

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