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Facilities at Dayton Airport in Ohio

The James M. Cox Dayton International Airport is located 14 km outside of the city center. Although it’s a very busy airport, it ranks only 76 in traffic in the US. Passengers passing by will find that the Dayton Airport has much to offer in the form of amenities and entertainment.

Restaurants and shops

The airport’s only hotel, the Dayton Airport Hotel, was shut down in 2010. Visitors now have to find Dayton hotels nearby, rather than inside the airport. You can find famous eateries and coffee shops such as Starbucks, Quiznos, Sbarro’s and Cinnabon inside the airport. For a more formal dining experience, you also have the MVP Bar & Grill and Max & Erma's. The airport has a number of interesting shops, including a CNBC Store, which offers not only popular newsstand items, but also products connected to the TV station and some of its shows.

Standard facilities

The Dayton Airport has an information center booth that can help visitors find local attractions, hire transportation or find their way around the airport. There’s also a Business Travelers Center, which offers free wireless Internet access, fax service, a photocopy machine and phone lines. Free WiFi access is also available throughout the airport. Each concourse also has a charging station named Kindle, where you can charge your cell-phone or other electronics for a small charge.

Things to do

The Dayton Airport is one of the few in the US that offers a live arts program. Through a partnership with Culture Works - The Arts Fund, the airport offers live music performances, scheduled concerts and temporary art exhibits. Shows and music are held at the Soaring Sounds live performance stage. If you need a break from your hectic travel schedule, try their interfaith meditation room. This quiet, relaxing area is not only for praying, but also for cooling off and breaking away from the stress of the daily routine.

Unique features

The Dayton Airport has some unique features that you won’t find in many other airports in the country. For example, the airport has its own post office and FedEx shipping office. There is also a shoe shine stand just after the security checkpoint, and you can also relax in coin-operated massage chairs found in each concourse.

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