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Facts about Humana Gold Choice Insurance

Humana is a Fortune 100 company that markets and administers health insurance solutions in all the US states, and has business interests in Western Europe. This feature carries a FAQ on a popular Humana Insurance Medicare Plan: the Humana Gold Choice Plan.

All about the Humana Gold Choice Plan

The Humana Gold Choice Plan is a MA (Medicare Advantage) PFFS (Private Fee-For-Service) plan. A PFFS plan allows the insured to see any doctor of his choice, as long as, the healthcare provider accepts Humana insurance company's MA PFFS terms and conditions of payment. The Humana Gold Choice Plan is simple, beneficial and easy. It combines all the pros of Original Medicare, prescription drug coverage and other extras in a single plan. Benefits of the Humana Gold Choice PFFS plan: 1. The insured enjoys prescription drug coverage that is equal to, or sometimes better than, Humana’s Medicare Part D Plan. 2. The plan covers all the commonly prescribed drugs for senior people. 3. The monthly plan premium is highly affordable. 4. The plan covers hospitalisation expenses. 5. The insured can get himself screened annually at no cost. 6. The plan provides for emergency coverage if required, while travelling outside of the USA.

Facts about the Humana Gold Choice PFFS Plan that people on Medicare must know

The Humana Gold Choice Plan is authorised by the Centres for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). It is different than an Original Medicare or Medicare Supplement Plan or a Health Maintenance Organisation plan (HMO).
Here's something important about Humana plans: Humana Gold Choice Plan Healthcare providers, including even Medicare providers, may not accept Humana medical plans in lieu of a Medicare Plan. So, the insured person must inform his healthcare provider that he has a Humana Gold Choice Plan each time, before any treatment/consultation/examination is administered.
However, a provider will provide the insured with services in case of an emergency. Humana inc
The insured has to get in touch with Humana inc if the provider does not accept Humana Gold Choice Plan in lieu of a Medicare Plan. Humana will then present the insured person with a choice of other providers.
It is best that the insured checks Humana's health policies' terms and conditions and their list of providers before signing up. Reimbursement of providers
Providers, who agree to Humana’s Gold Choice Plan’s Terms and Conditions, are reimbursed at current Medicare rates. These are less than the member’s cost-share amount.

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