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Five ideas for flyer designs

Flyers can be used for a large variety of reasons. Whether it is a business flyer, or a musical event, the design of your flyer is essential. In this article, we will discuss five useful tips to keep your flyers attracting attention no matter what the occasion.


Perhaps the most noticeable thing about your flyer will be it's layout. In typical flyers, it is normal to have the most important information large and noticeable. However, ensure to be careful about how much detail you include. Too much, and your flyer becomes cluttered and unattractive. Too little, and it is just too vague to be useful. In many cases, it can be pertinent to keep the business name, or event title at the top to draw attention first.


It's not easy to admit it, but today's world has become superficial. In order to attract attention now, it is neccessary to flaunt your business. In the case of flyers, this pertains to finding relevant pictures, and inundating your flyer with them. Trying to use pictures in different ways can prove to interest potential customers as well, such as setting a picture as the entire background to the flyer, as opposed to a solitary image. Finding innovative ways to place your images will always help draw attention.


Again focusing on the aesthetic element of your flyers, finding the right font to suit your flyer is important. It is possible to buy designer print fonts online for minuscule prices. These can help to add spice to your party flyers. Or, if the commercial route isn't for you, plenty of websites have free fonts for download, most notably the industry forerunners:


Minimising your content makes your flyers more appealing to a general audience, yet you still need to maintain a certain level of detail. In many cases, it is advisable to put skeleton details on the flyer, (e.g. Times, Location), and then place a website address. Websites Most businesses now hold permanent websites, so it is easier to put a larger range of information. This minimalisation of content on the flyer also lowers your printing costs, which is always important.


Of course, all of your flyer design amounts to naught, if you don't think carefully about distribution. The most important things to factor in are your target market, and how many flyers you have. Would you rather hand them out on the street? Or leave them in a pamphlet rack at a local hotel? Both of these are viable options, but it takes careful consideration to see what is suitable for your flyers.

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