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All about Chinese symbol of love

The Chinese symbol of love is based around the symbol for the heart. It shows a desire to offer one’s heart to someone else. It is a human hand reaching out or extending the heart to a person’s hand for friendship. It is called ‘Ai.’ The word love in Chinese is an amalgamation of concepts taught by Confucius, Mozi and Laozi.

Complex love

The symbol that represents Chinese love is quite different from the amorous love of the West. Saying, ‘I love you,’ in Chinese entails a lot of responsibilities, it is virtually a vow of steadfastness to the lover. Chinese men and women use the word love very carefully. They use it only, when they are sure that they can give back love in a responsible way. The concept of love is deep and complex in China.

Chinese horoscope

The modern generation is moving slowly away from these traditional roles and the love types in China are becoming more westernised. Even the symbol for China love has been simplified and in the process has lost the portion which represents the heart. Love feelings are the same all over the world and lovers in China too believe in seeking answers in astrology. The Chinese horoscope of love is based on the four pillars of destiny.

Decision making signs

The four pillars of destiny tell the future of both man and woman. If the man’s horoscope says that he will have two sons and the woman’s horoscope says that she will have two daughters, then they are incompatible for marriage. Whether it is love Latin or love Chinese, the two loves have the same desires. Human love seeks support, understanding and affection in a relationship. Chinese signs can only help in making a decision.

The year of the rabbit

Chinese signs are completely different from the Western zodiac signs. They are twelve, but they are made up of animal figures. Each animal sign represents a year and the persons' year of birth is taken into consideration in horoscope reading. The twelve animal signs are: - Rat - Ox - Tiger - Rabbit - Dragon - Snake - Horse - Sheep - Monkey - Rooster - Dog - Pig The Chinese system is lunar, while the Western system is solar. The year of the tiger ended on 02.02.11 and the current year is the year of the rabbit. Each Chinese animal of the zodiac represents various character traits of a person born in that year. An exact prediction can be only made if the year, month, day and hour of birth are taken into consideration. Wearing the sign of the year as amulets or tattoo signs is thought to be auspicious. Selfless Ai or love in Chinese Buddhism leads to Nirvana.

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