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Flying with CheapOair

There are a lot of travel sites where you may search for your travel arrangements. You can find numerous just by typing “travel” or something similar in your search engine. One online travel company that you should definitely consider is CheapOair. Find out why.

Why should you consider CheapOair?

Overview and features
CheapOair is a travel company that operates online.
CheapOair started operating in 2005.
The company’s innovation is that it is based on budget travel.
You can enjoy cheap airfares on all the major and smaller airlines worldwide - North, Central and South America, Europe, Asia, Pacific, India and Africa. ChapOair has included a variety of search options, but you do not have the opportunity though to search for flexible dates. Fareportal technology
The company uses Fareportal technology that provides potential travellers with a much quicker and easier interface, in comparison with other travel companies that you can find online.
Other features
CheapOair includes a low fare guarantee. That means that if you find a fare cheaper than CheapOAir’s fare, they will credit you a difference (the amount varies) to use at your next booking, which you have to use within the next three months.
Service fees may vary from nothing to 25 $ depending on the type of fair of your choice.
There are extra fees if you decide to change your itinerary, which can be quite expensive and go up to 100 $. Points to remember
Be careful though to check whether the prices displayed during your search include all taxes and fee – double check the final price before you fill in your personal information and your credit card details, since the price may have doubled.

What else CheapOair has to offer?

Other features
On the official site of CheapOair, you can also “Important Travel Articles”, where you can find clever travel tips.
For example, find out how you can save money while travelling and get informed about safety issues surrounding your travel.
Except for airlines tickets you can also book hotels, cars, tours and cruises through CheapOair. Final word
The awards that CheapOair has gained are a proof of the company’s quick success. CheapOair was awarded the Hitwise award as well as an Austrian Airlines award, a TAM Airlines and a Korean Airlines award for its outstanding sales.

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