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Getting a qualification in communication arts

Different courses require distinct qualification criterion. Some may require a higher niche of qualification, while others are on the lower edge. The qualification requirement of a course depends on the complexity of its curriculum or the numbers of applications received on the same course. So, what are the prerequisites of getting a qualification in communication arts?

What does communication arts as a course entail?

A course in communication arts equips a student with a wide range of skills in communication careers including copywriting, writing press releases, editing, film-making, radio and TV presentation, drama, lobbyist, tour guides, public relations officers and many more. Communication is needed in any business entity starting from the lowest level of receptionists. The communication arts degree has been available for a few years. Formerly, there were only diplomas and higher diplomas for the same course. In the current world of increasing forms of communication, the staff is in demand to control, relay and transmit information in the upcoming forms.

Entry qualifications in communication arts

Requirements for a diploma in communication arts

As careers in communication are usually interest-based, there are no strict requirement entries for this course. For many communication colleges, they only test your ability to pass information and ability to create sensible sentence. The school of communication arts is one institution in London that believes in following the passion of the student, regardless of the grades they got in high school. Careers in communication are usually developed from personal interests. For most colleges, a written type of essay examination is used as the major entry requirement. Hence, if a prospective student can put a string of words together, they will probably qualify for a diploma in communication arts. Depending on the majoring topics that a student wishes to take, the high school grades may be used to gauge qualification. Many colleges also conduct interviews to prospective students to ensure that they fit well in the communication world. The panel is specifically interested in the gauging of the ability to express oneself and appeal of a student to an audience.
Requirement of a degree in communication arts

For a communication/advertising degree, one must have at least a diploma in a relevant field. On the other hand, one must show professional qualification or experience in related fields. For fresh starters, one must have credible high school grades usually from 2 A levels + 5 GCSES (A to C). Formal qualifications or related experiential learning may be an added advantage, whereas excellence in English is mandatory.


Whether one plans to start from the most elementary level advancing to a degree level, a course in communication arts does not require very high qualifications. It is easy to secure an admission.

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