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Girls' dressing up games

Little girls love dressing up. You can use your own clothes or you can get clothes easily from charity shops, for your dressing up games. This article considers different games for girls which involve dressing up.

Tea party games

To make dressing up games special, have a particular box or trunk in which you store the clothes. Fill it with all sorts of bits and pieces including shoes and accessories. Girls love costumes. Part of the fun of dressing up is having a selection of clothes to choose from. Add in other bits like wands, tea cups and bags as props for your very cool games.
The tea party One of the best loved house games is the tea party. You can turn this game into a teddy bear's picnic where all their soft toys and dolls can join in. Use a cloth as a picnic table and help them to set out their tea set and picnic food. You may either use pretend or real food. You can do this outside if the weather is nice.
All about Alice To take this theme one step further, think of 'Alice in Wonderland' and the Mad Hatters' tea party. If they like the book or film, dress up the toys as the characters. You may also dress yourself up as well. Then, you can re-enact the scene where they hide Alice. This can turn into a game of hide and seek as well.

Other girls' games to play

In terms of outdoor games, if your little girl loves Dora the Explorer or nature in general, you can dress up in kids costumes for an expedition. You may need some props like binoculars or bug catching equipment. This dressing up game can be used to raise their awareness of nature. Give them a list of things to find or spot as they go on their great adventure.
Putting on a play If you want to fill a rainy afternoon indoors, turn the dressing up game into creating a play. Little girls love acting too. Decide on your story or use one from a book. You can help to write the story down so that you have proper scripts for the cast. Other children, pets and toys can all be involved. Dress yourselves up as different characters and make quick changes to play other parts. Your little one can then, show their play to family and friends.

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