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Good web designs for beginners

To be a successful website designer, there are a couple of tips and tricks to use so as to ensure that your websites are functional and professional-looking. These tips can keep your customers and users happy and keep them coming back for more, and these are very easy tips to implement also.

Use javascripts minimally

Minimal usage of javascript This is a very important step during website design. This is because whether good or bad, the results remain long, after your website has passed the "in-development" website label. Keeping javascripts minimal is a very important tip for Search Engine Optimization also. This is because many scripts on a webpage will make that page load slowly, and can annoy customers or viewers. However, website designs, which are heavily dependent on scripts like Jquery, are not troublesome. Lightweight javascripts will not slow your page considerably.

Do not use many images

Few images on webpages
Many images on a webpage can result in that page slowly. Three important tips to note are: 1. Use as few images as possible. 2. Use images that are of the appropriate size. You can manually re-size your images if necessary, not just using height and width HTML elements. 3. Use compressed image formats, like JPG and GIF. Other image formats usually have larger file sizes, which results in longer page loading time.

Design with a minimalist perspective

Minimalist websites
Minimalist websites usually have the following in common: 1. Fewer images 2. Fewer colours 3. Fast load paging speeds 4. Easy navigation The Google homepage You can consider the Google homepage. It is one of the best homepages online. It loads fast, provides access to all their major products and services easily, uses images minimally and very few colors too. One may say, but Google's homepage is just meant to act as a search engine, they don't have as much information to display like this article has. A response to that statement is this: 1. If you have too much information, reduce it. Many online users do not like to read too much information. Consider splitting your content into multiple pages. 2. It is usually a good habit to learn from people more successful in your field. So, even if Google's homepage is not what you want to use as a guide, taking a quick look at similar websites as yours or competitors will give you web page ideas of the direction you should be headed to. 3. Your website usability is highly dependent on how easy the search for content is, so following Google's method of showing all major products on your website's home pages is a good idea.

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