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Guide to booking holidays to Amsterdam

Amsterdam is a beautiful city with lots of history, museums and character. Whether you take a ride on the canals or visit the Anne Frank House, the city has something for everyone. Read here what you can do in Amsterdam and where you can best book your holiday to the Dutch capital.

Where to stay

Amsterdam has something for every traveller. Whether you have a lot of money to spend and want to stay in five star luxury, or travelling with a tight budget. Hostels
There are loads of hostels in the city centre where you find decent but cheap accommodation. Check out for more information. Apartments
Are you looking for a home away from home feeling? Then you can rent great apartments in Amsterdam.
For cheap apartment accommodation check out
For luxury apartments check out Hotels
If you are looking for a posh hotel, you can stay at the Grand Amsterdam Sofitel Demeure which is located in the oldest part of the city.
In the past, the hotel has served as a 15th-century convent, the headquarters of the Dutch Admiralty in the Golden Age and where Queen Beatrix had her wedding reception in 1966. If you are looking for a cheaper place to stay offers plenty of budget hotels in Amsterdam with rooms starting at rock bottom prices.
For the booking of hotels you can also check out

What to do

Things to do
Amsterdam has some great sights and museums to visit during your Amsterdam holidays. Some that are definitely worth a look are: - The Van Gogh Museum which offers a great collection of Van Gogh paintings and information on this great Dutch painter.
- The Anne Frank House where Anne Frank hid during the war and wrote her now famous diary.
- A ride on the Canal where you get to see and hear about Amsterdam's history.
- The Rijksmuseum which shows you all about Holland during the Golden Age.


Final word
When booking cheap Amsterdam packages check out for excellent offers on the cheapest flights tickets and Amsterdam city hotels. also offers cheap Amsterdam breaks.
On you can compare the prices of hotels in Amsterdam.

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