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How does shampoo assist in hair care?

For hair to shine and to be strong, it must be healthy. The most basic way to achieve this is through washing your hair and keeping it clean. Depending on your hair type, understanding how shampoo assists in haircare is important.

Why shampoo your hair?

Importance of shampooing
Hair is exposed daily to a number of harmful elements that can turn beautiful hair into drab, dull hair. Most of those elements are visible to the eye, but if left on the hair, they weaken the strands and the roots.
Shampooing regularly cleans the dirt and other elements from the hair, while preventing an oily build-up.
Along with keeping the hair clean and healthy, shampooing is also vital for its growth and can help prevent hair loss.
Over-washing hair can strip it of its natural oils which will end up being more harmful.

How often should you wash your hair?

Hair type
Depending on your hair type, regular washing may not be the best thing. Beauty experts recommend shampooing no more than two to three times a week for normal hair.
However, each type of hair is different and you need to know how often to wash for maximum benefits and hair growth. Oily hair
If you have an oily scalp and your hair looks greasy, then you may need to wash your hair daily. The trick to doing this is choosing mild shampoo that washes away the dirt and oils without drying up the natural oils.
Herbal shampoos, especially those containing sage, green tea, and saw palmetto, produce the best results without risking the health or loss of your hair from frequent washings. Dry hair
Dry hair usually occurs from over-washing. When you over wash the hair, you strip it of its natural oils. Strong shampoos that are good for washing away dirt can actually make hair dry, brittle, and lifeless.
To turn dry hair into healthy hair, stick to washing once or twice a week with moisturising shampoos and conditioners. Curly hair
Different races normally have different hair care needs. Coarse hair should only be washed once a week.
The natural oils don't easily travel down the follicle, so oil builds up very slowly, eliminating the need for frequent washings.
Final word
If you are unsure of how often you need to wash your hair, ask a stylist who is familiar with your hair for advice.

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