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How effective is running for weight loss?

When trying to come up with a good fitness plan for weight loss, many people instantly think of running. In fact, running is considered by many people as the ultimate cardio-workout. This article will indeed show whether a running programme is really effective for weight loss.

Answering the ultimate question

Running can help people to lose weight. However, running alone will not be enough for weight loss. In fact, some people have actually gained weight, while running. This is possible, because of their diet. Running weight loss combined with health food intake Running weight loss is only going to be possible, if the person eats the right amount of food, and more specifically, the right amount of healthy food. Burning calories Running might be one of the quickest methods for burning calories, but it still only burn about 100 calories every 10 minutes. This means that a person running for an hour will have totaled approximately 600 calories burnt running. This is indeed not a bad number. Pay careful attention to the food consumed
However, people should keep in mind that a small order of French fries from a fast food place is going to consist of about 250 calories. It is therefore very easy for a runner, who is not paying attention to what he is eating and ultimately, he can end up gaining weight.

Hard work is required

Devising a running plan People, who want to lose weight by running, must be willing to work hard. Running everyday is not necessary. However, sticking to some type of running or training plan will be critical. It will help the person to get-in an adequate amount of running in order to lose weight.

How to get started?

Following running plans online
The easiest way for people to get started is by following one of the many running plans available online. New runners should stick to plans, that are specifically made for beginning runners. A good option would be a 5k training plan. Training for a race often makes it easier for people to commit to running. Moreover, it gives them another goal to go after besides losing weight.

Success through personal commitment

Sticking to the running schedule Over the years, many people have been successful at losing weight through running. Most of these people have a couple of things in common with one another. They stick to a running training schedule. They watch what they eat. Furthermore, they also stay committed to their running.

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