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How to apply at The Denver Centre for the performing arts?

The Denver Center is a not-for-profit organisation. The National Theatre Conservatory was founded in 1984 and it takes 24 students each year to develop their natural talents and skills. The students are prepared for the challenging environments of theatre, film and television industries. There is one teacher for every three students and this makes it a perfect ratio for learning. The performing arts centre is a significant part of the Denver theater art scene. Applying for Denver Performing Arts Centre is easy, but getting in it is not that easy.

Contact the National Theatre Conservatory

You must go to the Denver Centre for performing arts website. There are several phone numbers displayed on the contact page. Check the number related to classes. There is also an email available if you wish to contact the centre by email.

Phone the Denver theater

Phone the National Theatre Conservatory and ask information about application procedures. Ask about the vacancies to make sure that you can attend the school in that particular year. Ask about the fees and taxes. Ask about the teachers and courses. Ask about all the extra services that they may offer.

Download your application form

You will be directed to where you can download your application form. Download the application form and print several copies. You will also be told to read the guidelines referring to the application procedures, centre policies and scholarships, etc. Download it and study it attentively.

Fill in the application

Carefully fill in all the necessary information in your application form. Read the instructions first, making sure that you are properly putting in the information. All answers must be accurate. It is very important that you don’t leave out details and you don’t embellish things in any way. Accuracy is highly valued.

Attach the necessary documents

Attach the documents that are required. The Denver Performing Arts Centre requires a number of documents regarding personal information to be attached to the application form. See that there is a certain order that you should follow and a checklist that you must fill in. Put everything in the requested order.

Mail the application and documents

After you have put together all documents, check again the application form to make sure that there are no mistakes. Check again the order of the documents and place them all in an envelope. Make a copy for yourself if you think you should. Post them to Denver Centre of Performing Arts, 1101 13th Street, Denver, CO 80204.

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