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How to book cheap holidays in New York

New York is regularly called one of the best cities in the world, but can also be an expensive place to visit. Here are some tips to find the best deals on trips to New York and find a way to explore this amazing city on a budget.

Finding cheap deals

To make sure that you have enough cash to enjoy New York, you want to find the best deals on your trip. Flights and accommodation make up the biggest cost, so here is how to save on them. Flights The first thing to do is to research the airline networks, find out who flies to New York and keep an eye on their prices. Look out for sales and when the cheapest flights are released. Generally, booking well in advance will secure the cheapest flights. Furthermore, consider using air miles or rewards points. Accommodation It can seem like a challenge to find cheap hotels in NYC, but it is possible. You can find great discounts on hotels on many websites, especially at the last minute. Also, consider choosing a hotel that is further outside the city as there are great travel connections to make use of.

Other ways to visit New York

If you can't afford to book breaks in New York, there are other ways to visit this great city so that you don't miss out on the sights. Cruises A number of cruises stop in New York and it can be a great way to visit a few different locations. You can pick up late cruises for bargain prices on holiday websites. Finding late deals in the UK and US can save you up to 70%, yet you still get exactly the same on late deal cruises.
Day trips Instead of taking holidays direct in New York, you could also stay further out and choose a day trip into the city. This will give you a taster and a chance to see the major sights, without the expense. Finally, all of these ideas will be cheaper if you have the flexibility to plan last-minute holidays when hotels and airlines need to fill their gaps and will offer major discounts. Whichever way you choose to do it, make sure that you do get to New York.

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