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How to build a log cabin?

Having your own log cabin (a mobile house) in the wood or near the lake to live in during a vacation could be very cozy, especially during the summer vacation. Building one does not have to be very expensive. If you have done your study, the outcome could be very appealing.

Log cabin

What design you prefer?
You need to ask yourself which design and what is the size of the cabin you want to build. This must be done according to your budget and workforce. Tools and materials
Chainsaw/saw, hammer, sander, driller, screws, nails, logs, sealer, wood filler, roof panel. The steps
- Start building the floor support first according to your design followed with the sub-floor. Make sure to nail them well and use the sander to remove any excess wood. - Spray some water sealer on top of the sub-floor to avoid the wood from being brittle and easily destroyed by termites and water elements. - Start cutting the logs using the chainsaw and lay them starting from the inside to be used as the wall using the log cabin kits. It is important for you to build the walls from the inside first. - Make sure to nail the logs well to ensure a stable structure. You also should fill the gap between the logs with some wood filler to make it look better and cleaner. The roof
When you have completed layering the wall up to the desired level, you could start working on the roof structure. - Start by making the roof support structure first. Make sure that the roof support is at straight level first before putting the roof frame on top of it. This will avoid the roof from collapsing. - Start layering the roof frame with some roof panel when all the roof structure has been secured. - Finally, check the log cabin thoroughly to make sure it has been nailed and screwed well. Add furniture
Now that all these have been done, you could start putting some furniture in the house and making it more like home.

Positive points

Cozy place
This is the most basic log cabin that you could build under a tight budget but if you do it right, this could be a very cozy place to live.

Negative points

Many tool and materials
You need some tools and materials to build your own log cabin. This may become expensive.

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