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How to choose a wicker ottoman

When looking for an ottoman, you are sure to consider wicker as a prospective alternative due to its versatility and aesthetic appeal. Wicker ottomans are designed with different functions and settings in mind. The selection of a wicker ottoman can require careful consideration of how and where the ottoman will be used. Read further for information on how to choose a wicker ottoman.

Intended functions and location

Ottomans can have multiple functions. Footstool As a basic footstool, it allows you to sit on your favourite chair and relax with your feet up. Wicker ottomans are a comfortable accompaniment to a rocking chair in the nursery. Additional seat Add a seat to your living spaces, bedroom or even to your entryway by placing a wicker ottoman stool with a comfortable cushion. Storage Wicker storage ottomans have compartments which may be accessed by removing the top. This can provide room for assorted storage to suit the location in which the ottoman is used. Table Wicker ottomans may also be provided with tray tops and can hold drinks or snacks, much like a table. Some styles can also be used outdoors with patio furniture.


The style of the furniture piece should complement room décor. Shape Ottomans may come in various shapes like square, round or oval. Assess the room layout, rug shape and other room décor when choosing the profile. Styles which rest off the floor allow better cleaning access. Size The ottoman size should not only suit the available space, it should also match the seating that it is intended to be used with. For instance, when clubbed with a large couch, you should pick on a heavy piece to maintain a visual scale. Décor You need not be limited to the natural brown appearance of wicker. A range of other colours is also available with honey and white being most popular. Wicker may be made of natural fibres which are flat or synthetic resins that are rounded. Upholstery Selecting colourful cushions is sure to draw attention to the ottoman. Pick colours to complement room décor. Light colours or whites should be avoided since they tend to make the wicker appear pale and dirty. Bright colours and patterns look very attractive against the wicker.


Inspect the piece to ensure that it has a smooth feel. A uniform tight-knit weave will prevent fibres from becoming loose and projecting out. These can get caught in clothes or appear prickly on contact. Test the piece for stability and balance. Check the overall fit particularly between the lid and the remaining body. Pay attention to the quality of construction when choosing a wicker ottoman.

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