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How to choose an architectural firm

This article lists a number of tips that one needs to consider when choosing an architectural firm that can handle a building project successfully. The considerations range from legal aspects, financial arrangements, previous experience to social relations and many other details. This article is a guide to choosing an architectural firm.

Onerous task

One of the most difficult tasks a builder can face is choosing an architect to design a house that only exists in his imagination. This is especially difficult for those who do not know architects or who have never dabbled in any side of the real estate sector. A number of simple guidelines need consideration when choosing an architectural firm to handle a building project whether it is an apartment complex or simply a dream home.

A few tips

Firstly, the builder needs to consult friends, workmates and people who have carried out building projects in the past to gather a list of potential firms offering architectural services. Friends can be a reliable source of contacts, especially those who have built houses before. Secondly, once the list of firms is in place, the builder should determine whether these firms have a license to work in the area where the house will be. This distinction will determine whether authorities label the building as an illegal structure and a lot of attention is required here. Thirdly, the builder can send a request of estimates to each licensed firm with a description of the nature of the building project. This will enable him to understand the magnitude of the project and the approximate cost that each phase will take. Fourthly, once the architectural companies reply, the best five can provide a portfolio of works that they have done in the past. This will ensure that the builder can see the firm that has successfully completed similar projects.

Concluding the process

Fifthly, the builder can contact the best three firms and visit them. A person-to-person conversation will bring out compatibility issues that may not be evident in the bidding phase. The firm that fits his goals and character perfectly would be the best bet. Lastly, the builder needs to submit an official proposal that has all the details of the project to the best firm so that it can give a complete assessment. This will give him a complete feel of what the process involves.

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