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A guide to roof types

A new roofing construction is indeed important to complete your house renovation or extension. This article focuses on two types of roofing material, concrete and polycarbonate. It will focus on the pros of each type of construction and then, how they weigh against each other.

Concrete roof slab

Benefits of using the concrete roof slab If you are thinking of extending your house, you will be considering on what types of roofing you can use. You can consider using a concrete roof slab. This roofing design offers you versatility, whether you are extending the front or back of your house. This is also a solid roof structure. It is a practical choice, not to mention the budgeting, for it is not out of the limits.

Polycarbonate roof

The pros Here are the pros of using a polycarbonate roof: 1. Affordable cost 2. Aesthetic appearance Why use a polycarbonate roof Extending your house costs a substantial sum of money, so it is understandable that you want to cut costs wherever possible. Building a roof for the new space is certainly a necessity, and using a polycarbonate roof appears to satisfy both of your cost and appearance concern. It feels certainly good to be killing two birds with one stone.

Concrete versus polycarbonate roofing

Why use a concrete roof slab A concrete roof slab costs more than a polycarbonate roof. However, it is the more practical choice of roofing styles in the long run. Here is why: 1. Full shelter from the elements 2. proof Full shelter A polycarbonate roof only provides partial shelter from the sun, although this makes for a brighter space in the day-time. The temperature of a space, that is sheltered with concrete, on the other hand, tends to be lower. Leak proof It is possible for rain water to leak through where the polycarbonate roof is connected to the existing house structure. Making the most use of space With polycarbonate roofing, you may not be able to use the space efficiently. For instance, the space may be too hot for you to relax in, due to the sunshine. The partial sheltering from the elements also means that outdoor (or any kind of) furniture is unsuitable to be placed there. You may as well make it a worthwhile one-time investment, by constructing a concrete roof slab.

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