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How to choose great bathroom colours

The bathroom may be one of the smallest rooms in the home, but it usually is the most active room. It is the place to stimulate your morning and soothe your nights. But choosing the right bathroom colours to do that can be overwhelming.

Setting the mood

The first step in choosing colours is to consider what mood you want in the bathroom.
Do you want something that is soothing and calming whenever you are in there?
Or do you need something to help stimulate you when spending time getting ready?
Neutral colours are best for creating a calm, relaxing, and soothing atmosphere. They can also help to make a small space look a bit bigger.
However, sometimes a bathroom is going to look small, no matter what colours you use, so you might as well go bold.
Bold and vibrant colours can stimulate and make you feel more alive.

Complementing fixtures

Before choosing which bathroom paints you want to use, decide on whether you want a theme in the room.
Beach and sea themes are popular as well as cottage themes.
Then again, some people want simplicity with modern clean lines.
With your theme in mind, you can consider what bathroom colour schemes would fit best with your fixtures – tub, toilet, sink, among others.
In most homes, the fixtures are white, although some homes have coloured fixtures such as black, rust, burgundy, or chocolate.

Choosing great colours

Choosing colours
Green has always been a popular bathroom colour, but pastel green does have a hospital feel to it.
If you really want green in the bathroom, try these shades with contrasting trims: -Emerald green
-Apple green
-Fresh mint green
-Turquoise green Dark rich colours work very well in a bathroom to give it a cocoon feel, which can be comforting or stimulating, depending on the colour and your mood. For a cosy feel, try these bold rich colours with complementary trims:
-Chocolate brown
-Dark blue
-Deep purple
-Terracotta If you like clean lines and want to break up the walls, choose a white trim on the dark colours.
White walls
White is usually the colour chosen when someone is stuck on ideas, but it can work.
White on white looks great if you accessorise with bold colours in towels and hooks.
White also works great with coloured fixtures when you emphasise the fixture colours in the floor patterns and cabinets.

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