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How to choose the right cheap wall art

You don't have to be rich to have fantastic art on your walls. There are a number of ways to find wall art to suit your home and budget. This article takes a look at how to choose the right cheap wall art.

Making your photographs into wall art

Custom prints
Creating your own custom prints is an excellent way of decorating your home.
If you are into photography and you've got digital photos of landscapes or people, these can be turned into a canvas picture.
You can get your photos printed at specialist stores such as Boots and Jessops. Boots will print your photos onto canvas, with prices starting from just £21.99 (see for details). also offer digital photo to canvas prints with a digital photo on canvas collage starting at £24.99. Cheap photography sites
Other good cheap photography sites offering photo printing in the UK include Tesco Online Photo Centre ( which sells large photo prints and posters, and will also transfer your pictures onto canvas.
London-based company is also good, and currently has a "buy 2 get 1 free" offer on digital photo printing on canvas and photo montages.

Cheap art on your walls

Canvas Prints
Framing cheap art prints is another way to save money when decorating your walls. has a huge range of art prints available online in various sizes. The site helps you in getting that elegant silky finish. focuses on a wide variety of digital art prints, so you can get the art you like in your own home.
A large canvas print of Monet's "Woman in a Garden" costs £150.97 from Allposters. Framed art
If you prefer framed pictures to photos and prints on canvas, the UK has a number of digital prints suppliers.
Poster style digital prints are a cheap alternative to buying original art.
Frames can be picked up very cheaply from pound shops and other bargain stores.
If you shop around, even framed art can be a cheap way to decorate your walls. Get creative
Finally, don't underestimate the power of framing.
Postcards and images from magazines can be turned into original wall art, with a cheap frame.
Or, if you're feeling creative you could make your own collage or modern canvas, for a unique take on cheap interior decoration. *Prices correct as of 30/05/2011

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