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How to clean bathroom wall tiles

The feeling one gets from having clean bathroom tile is priceless. However, maintaining clean bathroom tiles can be an arduous task. This is because a number of challenges in the form of mould, mildew, rust, lime, as well as soap scum make the cleaning and maintenance process difficult to perform. However, if a proper step-by-step process is used, it need not be so difficult.

Tools and materials

What should you use?
If you want to clean your bathroom wall tiles, it is crucial that you have all the required tools within arm’s reach, so that the cleaning process proceeds smoothly and quickly. All one may require is a sponge, a non-chlorine cleaning product, such as water and vinegar can be used, as well as a clean cloth.

Starting out

Remove non - essential Items
Start out by removing all non-essential material from the bathroom.
Remove bathroom mats and bathroom rugs to prevent them from getting any of the grime on them that will come off during the cleaning process. Make the mixture
Proceed by mixing the vinegar and water and then spray the diluted solution on the tile.
Using your sponge, wipe the mixture all over the bathroom wall tile ensuring that all areas are covered.

Locate grout

How to locate grout?
One area that should not be overlooked is the grout.
Though it may have a deceptively white colour, this area has significant amount of dirt and grime in it.
Pay special attention when cleaning this area, so as to ensure that all dirt is completely removed. The whole cleaning process should be well planned out. You should move from one area of the tile to the next, carefully ensuring that all tiles left behind are clean.
A circular cleaning motion may be more preferred in making the cleaning process faster.

Be generous with elbow grease

Elbow grease
There are some areas that will require more elbow grease than others, such as the corners and the grout.
Hard scrubbing is sometimes necessary when trying to remove dried on soap scum and lime scale.
Dark coloured slate wall tiles will show hard water and lime scale more than light coloured tile.

Wipe residue

Final word
After wiping the work area, take the cleaning sponge and dip it in some water. Proceed to wipe off the entire residue left behind after the cleaning.
Often, you may find that you will have to repeat the process once or twice for the overall effect to be seen. Daily cleaning of the bathroom tiles after one takes a shower ensures that there is less build-up of residue, making your cleaning task much easier.

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