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How to clean hardwood floors

Wood flooring is very common in many of the homes built today. They have a beautiful look and feel that many homeowners find very appealing. Hard flooring is a great choice for your home. Of course, to keep that beautiful look of your hardwood flooring, you need to know how to keep it clean. Here is how you can keep your hardwood flooring looking clean and beautiful.

Mopping the floor

Cleaning solution
In order to keep hardwood flooring looking its absolute best, the right mixture of cleaning solution is very important. If you use the wrong solution, the floor will end up looking dull and not clean and sparkling like it should. How to proceed
Before mopping the floor, you must remove all dirt and dust by sweeping the entire floor with a broom or you could even use your vacuum cleaner, whichever you prefer. Mixing the solution
Next, you need to mix up your cleaning solution. Add about a half cup of white vinegar to a gallon of warm water. The reason you should not use hot water is because the heat from the water can damage the wood causing it split and crack. Tip
The white vinegar will help to remove any soap traces left behind after mopping. Sweeping
Use a wood floor mop to clean the entire floor, make sure to concentrate on the areas that attract the most dirt, such as in front of the doors and down the middle of hallways.

Drying the floor

After mopping the entire floor, it is now your decision to dry the floor yourself or to let the floor dry on its own. Benefits of drying the floor yourself
Drying the floor yourself is a good option since it will lessen the chance of streaks and smudges appearing. A lot of times when the floors are left to dry on their own, smudges and streaks may appear causing the floor to look dull. How to dry?
Use a dry mop or just a clean dry towel sweep over the entire floor to remove any excess moisture left behind from mopping. Repeat this process about once every week to keep your floors clean, but this shouldn’t be done more than twice a week. Exposing the floor to too much water can damage it. Conclusion
Now you know what to do to keep your hardwood floors looking sparkling clean and beautiful.

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