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How to compare the prices of bodyart airbrush kits

Body art and airbrushing designs have become popular, not just in professional circles but also at home. No longer just used for airbrush tanning, artists looking to improve their skills in the art of tattoo design and application are now looking to airbrushing to practice and perfect their designs. Airbrushing is also a popular alternative to temp tattoos at parties and for models and actors in film and the television world. Here, we will look at the options and compare the prices of equipment available to body painters.

Home Body Art Kit with Premi-Air Airbrush and Baby Compressor

This is the first package we will look at. Costing in the region of £200, this kit is suitable for both professional and student use. It is suitable for nail art as well as body art. The package comes with a selection of art stencils and the compressor can be used for other applications such as nail art. The compressor is suitable for use in the home, however it is not suitable for use in larger saloons, larger compressors are available.

Temporary Tattoo body art airbrush compressor kit and tattoo ink

This kit is available from Absolute for around £175. It comes with replacement air hose and is suitable for all temporary tattoo purposes. The compressor is quiet and lightweight, allowing it to be used in a number of locations. It comes with two airbrush holders allowing the artist to have a clean and secure working area. This kit is suitable for festivals and shows as a start up kit, or as a secondary artist position should the demand call for it.

Professional Airbrush Body Art Kit

This professional kit from Screenface carries a professional price tag of £375. Like the two kits above, it comes with guns and a compressor as well as a selection of inks and tattoo stencils. This is a professional kit, so the compressor is larger than that included in the other kits, and should only be looked at by experienced artists. This kit doesn't have a design booklet, therefore artists might be more inclined to go off stencil and experiment with tribal design or exotic tattoos.

Iwata Pro Airbrush Make-up ZMAKEUP Makeup Kit

This heavy duty kit suitable for saloon, mobile or home use and is available from £260. It's another professional kit, hence the larger price tag. The kit is suitable for large body art as well as smaller and more detailed work. Like the other kits, it comes with two airbrushes allowing for the artist set up for detail as well as large scale body tattoo work with the minimum of time between set ups.

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