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All about: Doug Hyde art

Doug Hyde has developed into one of the most successful artists in the world. His work spans a number of genres including, among others, both sculpture and original prints. In this article, we are going to take a brief look at Doug Hyde art and the man behind itb

Some background

Information about Hyde Born in Bristol in 1972, Hyde began painting in his spare time, simply for enjoyment and for the pleasure of his family and friends. This situation was to dramatically alter however, and by 2005, he was being touted as the most popular living artist in the U.K and was indeed by this time the best selling published artist in the country. In this same yea,r he was to win the Fine Art Trade Guild Best Selling Published Artist and has recently returned from a hugely successful sell-out tour of Japan.

The motivation

The artwork The artist himself has been quoted as saying that, "It was never my intention to sell my work. My artwork is produced simply for my own enjoyment, and provides a good vehicle to help me express myself and open up".
Motivating factors In spite of his quite staggering success, Doug Hyde assures us that he has remained grounded. His appetite and fervour for life continue to be the motivation for his much admired work. In fact, Hyde’s obvious affection for his wife, three children and dog is manifest in the heartfelt and endearing characters which are charmingly portrayed in both his limited edition art and sculptures.

Universal appeal

Universal attraction of these sculptures The attraction of a Doug Hyde sculpture or print undoubtedly lies within the subtly observed illustrations of feelings and experiences that, while both personal and heartfelt, remain universal and touching. Observers are easily led to identify the emotions portrayed with elements of their own lives and loves.

The style

Use of pastel Every one of Doug Hyde prints is characterised by the bold use of pastel that is expertly smudged and blended with skilled fingers and hands to create a stunning piece of contemporary art. While Hyde’s work has often been labelled as naive, the unique, burning energy that emanates from every piece belies its apparent naive simplicity. This is perhaps what ultimately sets it apart from the rest. Endnote Every Doug Hyde original can be sure of attracting the interest of many a collector and professional aesthetician. Nonetheless, his work spans the entire spectrum, reaching and going beyond every existing cultural boundary. And, here lies the key to his continued popularity and quite phenomenal success.

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