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How to compare the prices of cot top changers

This article looks at the benefits of using a cot top changer as opposed to alternative methods for changing your baby. It also guides you to where you can purchase a cot top changer for the best price.

Why buy a cot top changer?

When it comes to baby changers, there are a range of items to make your life easier and put less strain on your back. Changing units You could consider a purpose built changing unit. These come in a variety of materials like pine, beech and oak, and have a changing mat built into the top. They usually have drawers or a cupboard underneath and are useful if space is not an issue. Changing units are often available to match other items in the nursery such as the cot and drawers and wardrobe. Portable changing mats
You could consider using a changing mat which is easily portable and can be used to change your baby on the floor, sofa or bed or wherever you are at the time! Just remember that babies learn to roll quite quickly, so your infant must not be left unattended. The cot top changer The cot top changer is a good alternative to the changing unit and changing mat and handy if space is at a premium. The cot top changer fits across the top of your cot, so your baby does not have to be lifted out any great distance and also it saves any unnecessary stress on your back from bending too far. Some have slide-out shelves for you to put your essential items on.They come in a range of finishes and will match other itmes such as birch furniture, white furniture and pine furniture.

Where to buy and how to get the best price

If you search the internet for cot top changers, you will bring up a large number of results of stores where you can order a cot top changer and have it delivered directly to your home.
Some of the best prices found in July 2011 are: - Ebay: £12 collection only
- Amazon: £9.99
- Kiddiecare: £19.99
- Asda: £23.00
- Tutti Bambini: £34.99
- Tesco Direct: £44.99 All of these stores offer home or in store delivery. The prices may not include postage and packing.
Of course, you can also shop on your High Street in places like Mothercare and Argos, or if you are happy with second-hand cot top changers, your local paper or free ads may be worth a look.

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