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How to compare the prices of wall-mounted fans

Wall-mounted fans are convenient and practical cooling devices. They use less electricity, space and provide ventilation when needed. If you are thinking of purchasing one, take a look at the prices of wall-mounted fans to help you get started. This article compares the prices of wall-mounted fans.

All about wall-mounted fans

Characteristics of fans Electric fans come in different models and styles and can be mounted on walls, ceiling or as desk or table units. There are models that are fitted with a timer and a remote control. An oscillating button allows control of air movement. You can also direct air by using this function. A speed dial permits you to regulate the speed of air flowing in a room. Three, four and five speed settings are usually present. Fans used by businesses have higher speed levels compared to a
nine-inch fan. A tilting mechanism is a standard feature in fans, allowing you to adjust the direction of the air upwards or downwards. It may or may not be fitted with a fan timer. You can set the time from fifteen minutes to seven hours. It shuts off automatically when this feature is activated. Cheap wall and desk fans are not likely to possess this feature. Some models of fans have lights on them that are practical. Uses of fans Ventilation The most important use of a fan is for ventilation and air inflow. An oscillating fan is a welcome respite from warm weather and beats using oriental fans. Exhaust Fans are also used as a bath fan and wall vents to improve air circulation. Advantages of wall mounted fans Space savers Compared to desk fans, wall-mounted fans use less space. Easy to mount These home or commercial appliances are not difficult to fix on walls. You just need a wall socket and screws. If you want to buy fans that are wall-mounted, they usually come with fixing screws and installation instructions. Low maintenance Parts can be dismounted for cleaning, ensuring that dust from covers is not blown and circulated in a room.

Comparing prices across sellers

Prices shown below are valid as of 01.08.11 and are available from these sellers: Hygiene Supplies Direct
Connect wall fan (16 inch) - £37.40
Wall fan (26 inch) - £227.37
Wall fan - £66.76 Amazon
Draper fan - £41.04
Kew electrical fan - £51.00 Ebay
Extractor fan - £16.07
Wall-mounted with remote - £47.97
Draper -£88.03
Vent axia meteor - £89.99 Air Comfort Centre
Wall mounted - from £18 to £249 Abbey
Fan with remote - £36.99 Tops4Less
Draper - £43.99

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